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Italian Food and Wine – Cucina al Fresco I

The Italian Outdoor Kitchen

A friend of mine who shall remain anonymous once stated “Italians don’t know how to grill and they never grill. They don’t cook outside.” My response was, “The only time my cousins in the Apennine Steak and BeansMountains of Italy make pizza is in their outdoor oven which was built when their house was constructed over 100 years ago. In the summer they do as little cooking indoors as possible, and to keep the house cool, they cook just about every meal outside.”

Over the weekends the men take over the wood burning outdoor kitchen,they open a bottle of Ariola Lambrusco Dell’emilia Marcello and start cooking. Pizza is only one item that is prepared outdoors. For all practical purposes we can say that they cook everything outdoors. They may bring a pan outside to sauté whatever may be in season such as asparagus. Or they may cook a medley of vegetables on the grill or in the outdoor oven. My cousin Primo loves his swiss chard with polenta and perfectly grilled veal chops, which pair with  Cavalchina Bardolino Chiaretto Rose 2009. They will also grill pork chops, lamb chops, whatever their taste buds desire. They love to cook a famous Tuscan dish, although they may tell you that it is not Tuscan. It is Bistecca with sautéed homegrown beans, which pairs well with Castello Banfi Brunello Di Montalcino 2007. I never tasted beans like theirs and often tried to duplicate the taste of my cousins sautéed beans. I’ve come close, but let’s face it; my beans are not grown in Farfanaro, Italy.

Whenever we cook we must be careful. Safety practices in outdoor grilling are very important. Many accidents happen with amateurs cooking outdoors and thinking they are acting professionally. When cooking outdoors always keep in mind that fat and oil dripping onto your fire will create flames and should be avoided as much as possible and everyone Tuscan veal Chop Mealincluding children should always be a safe distance from the fire. This may occur with a gas grill or a charcoal grill, which many of us still prefer.

However, most accidents occur when amateur cooks are charcoal grilling and start the fire incorrectly. They often over dose the charcoal with the starter fluid. Then they light the coals with a match or cigarette lighter, and flames burst into the air, up their arm, as if nitrogen was poured over the coals. Another practice that causes injuries is when people squirt the fluid onto hot charcoal to speed up the grill’s fire. What has happen, is that a flame shoots up the stream of starter fluid to the container, and the container explodes in the person’s hand. This practice must be avoided.

The best way to light an outdoor charcoal or wood burning grill, I learned from Ralph Delucia. He is the father of Peter DeLucia who Dr. Oz always refers to and who has appeared on his show as guest, to demonstrate kitchen safety practices. What Ralph does is simple and to some folks may require a little patience. He simply mixes kindling wood with paper and places the coals or wood on top. Then he lights the paper with a match. Within a minute the kindling wood catches fire, the kindling wood quickly ignites the charcoal, and shortly afterwards you are cooking.

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Outdoor Grilling Inspiration: Chianti, Italy & Grillworks Grills

Me at the outdoor oven managing the fire and getting ready to cook up the pizzas. While in Italy over the past two weeks we did a ton of cooking, a lot of it on a grill, and some of it in a big outdoor oven. Today to celebrate the

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Italian Grilled Pork Chops | Plain Chicken

We both loved all the flavors in the pork. I let the pork chops hang out in the marinade all day while I was at work, and we threw them on the grill when I got home. They couldn’t have been easier! Italian Grilled Pork Chops adapted from Patio Dadio BBQ · (Printable Recipe). Add this recipe to ZipList! Our outdoor grill died last year and we have yet to replace it, and I’d love to do these SOON! If “yes”, what temp would you suggest, and should I leave the lid open and

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Our Feast of the Seven Fishes

Our Crab meat and Lobster Salad

It seems to be common knowledge that everyone in Italy and all the Italians who migrated to every corner of the world celebrate La Vigilia di Natale with a seven fish feast. There was a time when La Vigilia di Natale, Christmas Eve, was a meatless catholic holiday. Therefore, with 2/3 of Italy surrounded by water, it made sense to celebrate with seafood. Particularly, on the eve of the most important catholic day, why not celebrate with seven fishes.  To this day we celebrate the feast of the seven fishes.

I hate to disappoint anyone, but many Italians never celebrated the vigil of the seven fishes. I grew up in an Italian household and community, where the feast of the seven fishes was never mentioned. Our families migrated from the northern Alpine and Apennine Mountains of Italy. They were hours from the sea, and fresh seafood was unavailable. It was impossible to celebrate the vigil of the seven fishes.

Clams Oreganato

I recall my first feast of the seven fishes like it was yesterday. Before I left the house I told my father that I was going to my future

in laws for a fish dinner. He said that I was in for a big surprise. Surprise is an understatement. I arrived at the house and when the door opened the magnificent aromas captivated my senses. Everyone was in a joyful mood anticipating the fabulous dinner we were about to feast on. It was a completely new dining experience for me, as the food kept coming and coming. Each course was more flavorful than the previous one. I was in total awe of the meal from antipasto to dessert. The magnificence of the Feast of the Seven Fishes rises above the food that is served. The Feast reunites family and friends.

Over the years our family continues to celebrate the feast of the Seven Fishes. Sadly, we have lost family members through the years and they are remembered fondly at this time. However, a new born always brings joy to all of us. The family continues to grow and the feast continues to give us joy.

Spinach Pasta with our Prawn Sauce

As the years passed the menu and the wine have  changed a bit. However, this is one of my favorite menus and it includes the wines I like to pair with the menu. Below are my choices for this

Feast of the Seven Fishes and all that has to be done for the recipes is to click.

Astaco e Granchio Insalata — A Tangy Lobster and Crabmeat salad is a great antipasto to start a meal with.  With this dish I get two of the seven fish, lobster and crabmeat. Serve with a bottle of Est! Est! Est! a dry white wine that may have a little sparkle.

Vongole Oreganato – A very popular Southern Italian clam dish that may be paired with Sambuca di Sicilia a dry white wine.


Mussels Marinara

Tagliatelle Verde e Gombarone con Salsa Zafferano – We vary from the norm with this Spinach Pasta topped with our Prawn Sauce.  For  this pasta dish we  use Spinach noodles with prawns (or shrimp) in a saffron sauce. Serve with a bottle of Orvieto.

Cozze Marinara — Mussels, the Italian Seafarers Style, which is a fabulous Southern Italian seafood dish. For us our choice of wine is Vesuvio Bianco, Lacryma Christi Bianco

Nonna Carmella’s Spada al Forno – Nonna (Grandma) Camela’s Campania Baked Swordfish that is really tasty. I have never known anyone else to do a similar recipe with swordfish, and she was born in Argentina. Maybe this is an Italian – Argentinean dish. Whatever, you will love it. Torrontes, Argentina’s succulent dry white wine is a super pairing.

Nonna Carmella's Spada al Forno

Nonna Carmela’s Spada  al Forno

Branzino alla Venetzia – We take you to Venice for this simple Baked Bass or Red Snapper in the

Baked Venetian Sea Bass

Venetian style sauce. Serve with Pino Grigio

Tonno alia Genovese  – These are herb infused Tuna Steaks cooked Genoa Style. Serve with Cinque Terre Bianco-white

Trota al Forno con Foglie di Alloro — Trout Baked with Laurel (Bay leaves), this dish is made with sea trout on Christmas Eve. Serve with FrascatiDessert is always too much. I suggest Torrone, which our cousin sends us from Naples, Italy, and a bowl of fresh Zabaione decorated with ladyfingers and struffoli.

Zabaione is a relatively easy to make. Bring a pot of water to a slow simmer. In a bowl or a Zabaione pot put 1 egg yolk, 1 and ½ tablespoons of sweet Marsalla wine and 1 heaping teaspoon of sugar. Place the pot over the water and whip vigorously until you have a cream of soft peeks. Be careful not to make scrambled eggs, and you may want use some elbow grease. To serve place the Zabaione in an attractive bowl and decorate with ladyfingers.

Food Wine Italian – Riso

Risotto&VegetablesYou ask folks “what are Italy’s starchy foods”? They undoubtedly respond “pasta, and bread.” Yet in many Italian communities rice is as important as either pasta or bread. Italians are really into their rice. So much so that they produce a variety of grains of rice, all to be used differently in cooking. The most important Italian grains of rice are Arborio, Vialone Nano and Carnaroli. All three of them cook up differently.

Arborio is the most available Italian rice on the market. It is the most sturdy of the three Italian rices, and it can be sticky if over cooked. It has a lot of outer starch and a little over cooking releases too much starch, resulting in a creaminess that is too thick. If you add extra consume it may become too loose. Just be careful when cooking Arborio.

Riso Vialone Nano has a short, stubby grain with high levels of inner starch and absorbs liquids and flavors creating a robust risotto. As the outer starches are absorbed in the liquid the resotto becomes dense and creamy. This is ideal for a robust and chunky risotto, particularly with meat and seafood. It may be cooked twice; therefore, it is good for rice timbales served as a side dish, second course, or dessert. It also makes a good risotto ascuitta, on the dry side, if you cook away some of the liquid.

fruit risotto

Carnaroli is a dainty grain that holds up well. It has a good balance of both the inner and outer starches. Therefore it creates a creamy risotto with an al dente bite. If you cook off some of the liquid the risotto remains creamy and asciutta at the same time. It is ideal for delicate risotto such as risotto Milanese and desserts with rice.

For risotto recipes go to Food Wine Italian.

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Italian Food and Wine – al Fresco – From the Sea

Cooking Todays Catch


I often hear from folks that, “I have problems grilling fish.” Yes, grilling fish may be a little tricky. There are really delicate fish to cook such as flounder, and then there are large hearty fish to grill such as a Grilled salmon and lemon risottoOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlarge salmon or tuna. Even the larger more robust fish may be a little tricky.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when grilling fish. A thick piece of fish with the skin on it and a good amount of omega 3 oil such as the salmon in the photo with lemon risotto are relatively easy to grill. All you have to do is rub a little oil on the fish, add your desired flavors, and put it on a medium hot grill. Other fish that has less omega 3 oil such as in the grilled sward fish in the photo,  may take a little tender loving care and additional oil. Smaller tender fish such as smelts or brook trout should be handled a little differently; you leave the skin on and it is best to grill with the bone and remove it after cooking. Simply, with different fish you have to grill differently. The best wines with grilled fish are dry whites or dry roses.

Hopefully, my direction for grilling fish will encourage everyone to grill more fish.

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Italian Grilled Seafood & Vegetable Platter – Apron and Sneakers

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Italian Food and Wine – Trentino’s Good Eats

Good Eats From Northern Italy

Those if us who only recognize the stereotype tomato laced Italian food as authentic Italian, would have difficulty understanding that the Trentino kitchen is an authentic Italian cuisine. To most folks when Trentino polenta sausage braised beef dinnerthinking of an Italian first course Bologna’s Tortellini in broth comes to mind or Naples pasta with tomato sauce, never a bread dumpling in broth or rolled in butter and topped with grated Grana Padana cheese. Would the stereotypes believe that pork chops with a blueberry sauce is Italian, of course not, but in Trentino, they love pork chops prepared their way, with a blueberry sauce or with apples. To the folks of Tentino, this is very very Italian.

Their main staple is polenta, with potatoes being a close second, particularly, gnocchi. They also crave many other fine dishes, particularly those of Austrian origin. Lumaca (snails), hearty soups (Zuppa di Orzo), stew beef, venison, etc.), polenta gnocchi, and their favorite dessert is Italian apple strudel or apple cake.

A Trentino dinner often begins with Canederli in broth, which are bread dumplings that evolved from ‘cucina povera’ (cuisine of the poor), and this dish pairs well with Maso Martis – Brut Rose Trento DOC. An entree may be beef stew, sausage and polenta (pictured above) a red wine such as Cantina Rotaliana-Telrodego Rotaliano DOC Clesurae 2009. Finish the meal with biscotti and a fabulous glass of Gaierhof – Moscato Gialo Trentino DOC.

Wow! What a way to dine.

Scroll down to read what other folks say about Trentino, and view the videos that we have for you.

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Food and wine holidays in Trentino

Food and wine holidays in Trentino.

100% ITALIAN CUISINE – PORK LOIN marinated with Mustard & Honey (GF) – (FROM ITALY WITH LOVE!!!)

Pork Loin marinated with Mustard & Honey on a bed of Potatoes and Apples with Black Pepper – from Trentino – Italy – **** 100% Italian Cuisine with Donna Val…

LML Italian Apple Strudel.m4v

Need a laugh? Need a quick dessert? Watch this. OFFICIAL VERSION.

Italian Food and Wine – Polenta

Polenta, “Comfy” food, Not Just For The “Polentini”

Nonna's veal stew and polenta

Nonna’s Veal Stew and Polenta

Polenta is an ancient food “pulmentum” which fed the Roman Legions. For me it is a food staple that I grew up with. My heritage, roots, are in the Apennine Mountains of Parma, Italy and I often reminisce about my grandparents cooking and giving me the special Polenta spoon, allowing me to carefully stir the polenta. For me it was a special event made even more festive when Nona spread the Polenta onto a specially prepared board and covered it with cheese and her special tomato sauce. We all dug in.

As I got older I was nicknamed “Polentino” by my Southern Italian friends, some with whom I attended Culinary School. Polenta was a specialty dish in my father’s midtown restaurant, Camillo, long before it gained its current popularity. He served it many ways. One of his special dishes was Fagiano Maria Luisa con Polenta, Pheasant Maria Louisa with Polenta. I included this recipe as well as many other recipes using polenta in my award-winning book, The Cooking of Parma. The book is based on my inherited knowledge of the Parmesan cuisine. Some of these recipes can be found on my web site, Food Wine Italian/Polenta, some old timers insist on using a special Copper pot. Although we use mainly cornmeal in our recipes, people also make whole grain polenta, buckwheat polenta or as the Etruscans did in ancient times, multi-grain polenta.

Polenta is very versatile and can be substituted for bread, rice or potatoes. It can be combined with roasted meats, poultry, game, seafood, vegetables, and even eggs. Enjoy polenta fried, grilled, baked or sautéed. My favorite thing to do is to place leftover polenta spread out on a flat dish, cover and refrigerate. The next morning I cut it in squares, fry and enjoy with sausage and eggs. If you have never prepared polenta now is the time to do it, and pair it with a good red wine Barola, Valpolicella, Bardolino, Brunello your favorit. Try some of our mouth-watering recipes on Food Wine Italian.

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A Little R & R: Pork Goulash with Polenta

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What Is Polenta? / How to Make Cheesy Creamy Polenta Recipe

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Here’s how you make and how you eat polenta the traditional way… Buon Appetito!

Fried Polenta Caprese

Show Notes: http://www.stellaculinary.com/CT9 In a previous video, I demonstrated how to make creamy polenta (http://youtu.be/ErOUl8d92oY). In this video, we…

Food Wine Italian- Spaghetti

Pasta – Spaghetti

                                                                                                                                                                                           Without a doubt, spaghetti is the most popular pasta “the world around.” Ironically, my mother never cooked spaghetti. A northern Italian lady she made her own pasta. The first time that I ate spaghetti was for a school lunch, and I remember it well. “When the spaghetti was put into my lunch tray, I stared at it inquisitively not sure what to do. The other children were slurping the long pasta strings with tomato sauce. The sauce was getting all over their face. I slurped one or two spaghetti strings and didn’t like it slashing on my face. Therefore, I twisted it onto my fork the way that I was taught to twist green fettuccini when eating the pasta verde my mother would make.

Some folks think that Marco Polo brought spaghetti back from china. No way! It was part of southern Italian diet long before Maco Polo ventured off to china. The Sicilians were enjoying spaghetti pasta back in the 7-century. However, there is evidence that the Arabs may have introduced pasta to they concurred Sicily. Today, spaghetti is enjoyed by everyone, and is served with a variety of sauces. Particularly with tomato sauce with seafood such as clams, mussels lobster. Let’s face it, how many of us can say no to a dish of spaghetti and a glass of Chianti.

Do all your shopping at RCS Cybermall. For Italian recipes go to our Italian recipes, and ti learn more about Italian food and wine go to Food Wine Italian.

I wanted to make spaghetti, so I used my spaghetti cutter for the pasta machine. If you have other attachments for different type of pasta( like linguine etc), you can use them as well. After you make your dough sheet ( which is

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For the Love of Pasta, Part One: Spaghetti

Peter Pasta shows you how to make fresh egg spaghetti.

How To Make An Authentic Italian Spaghetti Bolognese

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Italian Food and Wine – Staying Warm with Minestra

Comfort Minestra – Warms the Body and Soul

Minestre is hearty delicious thick soup. Often confused with minestrone, the big soup. Minestrone has a multitude of ingredients. Where as a minestra may be made with a limited amount of ingredients, three or four, but thick. We believe that Miestra pre-dates minestrone, and it was a stable of the poor folks. Particularly, after working outdoors on a cold winter’s day,, they would come home to a pot of minerstra ready to be consumed.  I can best explain minestra from the award winning cookbook, which I authored, The Cooking of Parma.


“Etruscan puls were thick combinations of grains, beans, and vegetables cooked together. The were the ancestors of Parrma’s minestra, which are thicker than minesrtione. Minesra can accurately be described as stew soups, and are enjoyed as often as zuppa (soup) or minestrone. Most minestre are made without meat, with beans being the most frequent substitute—a good minestra can be a balanced one-pot meal.” Two of Italy’s most popular minestre are Tuscan’s Ribollita and Lumbardy’s Zuppa Pavese. 

Do all your shopping at RCS Cybermall. For Italian recipes go to our Italian recipes, and ti learn more about Italian food and wine go to Food Wine Italian.

Vegetable Minestra with a Dollop of Pesto and Accompanied by

food, travel, life…manger, voyage, vivre…mangiare, viaggia, vive… (by To Markt To Markt)

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Minestra di Pasta e Verdure alla Romana – My Culinary Mission

Minestra di Pasta e Verdure alla Romana. The title translates to Roman Soup with Pasta and Vegetables. We here at home refer to it as minestrone soup; easier to remember. This is one of my all-time favorite soups to make

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Minestra di fagioli e riso

Una zuppa di fagioli e riso per scaldare l’inverno arriva. Per la ricetta scritta clicca qui: www.ciakcucina.com Vieni a trovarci su facebook: www.facebook.com

Tuscan Bean Soup, Pasta Fazool, Minestra di Fagioli (AUTHENTIC) – REAL ITALIAN KITCHEN -

Warm and fast to make, super cheap, you need 2 cans of your favorite beans, a spoon of tomato sauce, 1/2 an onion, salt oil and pepper. It would be a shame not to try it!


Italian Food and Wine-Warm the Heart Soul and Body

Hot Antipasti

After being outdoors in the fresh cold air, regardless of your outdoor activities, it is nice to come inside and munch on something warm. A delightful comfort is a warm antipasto. It keeps the spirit warm and it warms a cold body. Some of my favorites are Focaccia as an antipasto, crusty fried polenta, a vegetable frittata, grilled vegetables just off the fire drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, fried vegetables, warm caponata and polenta with cannolini beans.

For antipasto that warms body and soul, go to hot antipasto. For he joy of Italian food and wine, go to Food Wine Italian.

One of my favorites is fresh baked bread dough with oozing, creamy Italian cheese.

Antipasto Squares Recipe – Allrecipes.com

Italian “Sausage” Baby Back Ribs · Hot Artichoke and Artichoke, Cheese and Olive Antipasto …. I used the Garlic Butter crescent rolls & roasted my own red peppers, add some hot banana pepper rings & everyone loved these!I also used 4

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Inspired By eRecipeCards: Focaccia as an Antipasto – Focaccia Tutti

The other night I cooked for my first 5 course authentic Italian Dinner. Antipasto, Primo, Secondo, Contorno and Dolce… Dolce is dessert, Contorno is the Vegetable, Secondo is the main course or meat course, Primo is the

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La Cucina Prima Donna: Grilled Vegetable Antipasto

In keeping with some of my recent posts about healthy food options (stuffed Italin pepper) and the healthy Italian lifestyle. today I would like to share with you my recipe for Grilled Vegetable Antipasto. To call it a recipe seems a

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caponata di melanzane by tuttiincucina

Piatto tipico siciliano usato come “antipasto” o “contorno” che si può prestare anche alla lunga conservazione. Di facile esecuzione. Ingredienti per 20 porzioni circa 1 kg. sedano (gambo e foglie) 2 kg. Melenzane 700 g. Cipolle 250 g. Olive verdi de…


7 GIORNI IN SICILIA A SOLI 59 EURO A PERSONA IN UN PAESE ALBERGO Prenota al tel 3292970059 o mail : associazionekalos@virgilio.it Ogni 10 persone 2 soggiornano gratis. Per info vai su www.siciliamia.weebly.com TAGLIATA DI SEPPIE KAUKANA INN SENTITE S…

Italian Food and Wine – It’s a New Year

2013 Here We Are!

We hope you all had a very enjoyable holiday season and got to cook and eat a lot of real tasty food. Hopefully, you tried some of my recipes. My mate Betty this time of year is in a letdown state after the excitement of preparing for the holidays: shopping, cooking, baking and socializing.


Mozzarella in Carrozza

In the middle of the winter our taste buds automatically gravitate to comfort foods that make us feel warm and fuzzy. I know that I recall family recipes and where and whom I was with when I enjoyed them. After spending the day outside tracking game in the snow, at my grandfather’s farmhouse in upstate New York, he and I always looked forward to a dish of Grandma’s Minestrone. This is classified as a big soup, chock full of vegetables and guaranteed to warm your body and soul.

We have many yummy hot appetizers recipes to warm your appetite. What could be more mouth watering than Crispy Wrapped Asparagus, Calamari Fritti, Involtini di Cavallo, or Mozzarella in Carrozza. All you need is a bottle of your favorite wine.

We enjoy Risotto year round; however it is a satisfying cold weather dish, particularly with our game dishes.  I recall risotto dishes and recipes from my grandparents and my father’s midtown restaurant. Two of the dishes that I am fond of are Leeks and Mushroom Risotto and Rissotto di Parma. They bath accommodate wild game dished very well and delicious alone.

Come back for more of our seasonal recipes and entertaining tips.

Fried Mozzarella Sandwiches Recipe – Mozzarella in carrozza

Fried Mozzarella Sandwiches Recipe Mozzarella in carrozza

Homemade Minestrone Soup

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