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A Few Italian LiqueursItalians are well known for their long, leisurely meals. Their secret weapon to avoid overindulging during the meal is a light antipasto, which is a combination of an appetizer and wine or, what Italians refer to as un aperitivo, which is often an herbal liqueur such as Compari, Aeril, Luvardo and Lauxardo Aperativo. This stimulates the appetite but doesn’t kill the palate. Cocktails such as a Negroni are often served.

In my cookbook, “The Cooking of Parma” I have a recipe for Torta Di Spinaci, which makes a great antipasto. It is a torta cut into small squares and enjoyed with an aperitivo. The recipe is also available on We also have a fantastic recipe for Pate di Parma, which is served on toast or grissini – breadsticks.

The first recipe in my book under antipasti is for Funghi Marinati – marinated mushrooms. This is a great appetizer, and whenever there is a family dinner or a special occasion someone always makes them. It has become a favorite item for our young family cooks to make and served with Aperol Liqueur.

Let us remember to include the digestivo, which is a part of the grand finale of an Italian meal. Growing up in an Italian family I was introduced to a few digestivi such as Strega, Anisette, Sambuca and Grappa. During my travels in Italy the digestivo seemed to have a greater importance, and was always stressed for good health. Some of the popular digestivo today are Frangelico a hazelnut liqueur, Limoncello and Nocino.

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