Italian Food and Wine – Fizzy, Frizzante Summer Wines

Summer wines with a refreshing fizz

ProseccoTruly, truly a very refreshing beverage is a glass of good, sparkling wine. The place where you will find the greatest variety of bubbles and taste is Italy, and every region has its sparkling wine. However, there are four distinct sparkling wines, a fifth if you consider Lambrusco. Now we will discuss the four most prominent. They are Asti Spumonte, Franciacorta, Prosecco and Trentodoc. Scroll down for th compleat blog.

I recall Asti Spumante as a wine that my family used to celebrate all holidays. Actually, there are two Asti’s, Moscato Asti Spumante a sweet wine and Asti Spumante, which may be demi-sec to sweet. When I was first introduced to this wine, although it is referred to as a dessert wine, or a wine to accompany an afternoon snack, we often popped the cork to celebrate on special occasion and start the meal with Italian antipasto or finger foods. The sweetness in the wine cuts the saltiness in salami and pairs very well with crudite. Today, I may pop the cork to start a meal or finish a meal, particularly with Moscato Asti Spumonte.

Salami AntipasiAmaretto Birthday Cake






Drive east and a little south for a few hours from Asti, Piemonte and you are in Franciacorta, Lombardy a region that produces its own super sparkling wine, Franciacorta. Franciacorta is generally semi dry to my taste and fruity. The wine has a medium size bubble that is moderately bubbling, and it is generally white but may be pink. It is a magnificent aperitif that may be enjoyed from the beginning to the end of a light summer meal.

Saltimbocca alla Romana Panna Cotta with Berries

From Franciacorta, Lombardy drive southeast and around Lake Garda to the middle of Veneto and you are in the Prosecco region. Prosecco is basically a sparkling white wine that may also be pink, and it varies from dry to extra dry to brut. The dry Prosecco is exceptionally refreshing with cheese and fruit. The extra dry and brut Prosecco is enjoyed beginning with Antipasto through the entrée, particularly with a light entrée such as a grilled veal chop or pork chop and a salad. Even though Prosecco is a very versatile, fizzy wine, I prefer to finish the bottle before dessert.

Grilled Pork Chops & Asparagus

We are Cooking Chicken Francese







From the center of Veneto drive northwest to Trentino and you’ve arrived in the area that produces Trentodoc. To many of the folks on this side of the Atlantic Trentodoc is a recent import any they see it as a newbie wine. Giulio Ferrari first produced it in 1902 when he noticed the similarities of the composition of the soil in Champagne, France and in Trentino, Italy. So, production of trentodoc wine began in the early 20th century, and when considering wine production that makes it a newbie. At any rate, most of the trentodoc produced is white and is a supper match with seafood, white meats, salamis and cheese, particularly crumbly cheeses such as Parmigiano. The pink wine, Rentodoc pairs fabulously with fish, fish soups, pork, and is incurable with grilled steak and chicken

Our Fried Fruits of The SeaBistecca alla Fiorentina

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