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When it comes to desserts we often think of opening the oven and baking, everyone loves home baked cakes. There are many great Italian deserts that may be made at home without lightting the fruit risottooven, or the stove. There are many great deserts that may be made at home without lightting the oven, or the stove.

PHOTO5Old fashion Peach Melba is easily to put together in a very short time. Cousin Ray’s Sicilian marmalade and ricotta is a true delight, as is assorted berries and zabaione. A fruit sorbes are always cooling, all you need is an ice-cream machine; no machine, grinata is very easy to make with a food processor. For those who appreciate risotto there is sweet risotto with fruit, shown in the photo on the left. You can also grill fruits; just mix a little sugar and cinnamon sugar and dip the fruit in the mixture and grill them. Today’s most popular Italian dessert teramisu, shown in the photo on the right, is prepared without cooking, if you buy the ladyfingers, and will really make you a hero.

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Now when I desire a meal other than Italian such as Mexican, Asian or French, I’m going out to dine! Casual cooking and baking is especially appealing during these hot summer months. And no bake desserts are truly a treat.

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