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Those if us who only recognize the stereotype tomato laced Italian food as authentic Italian, would have difficulty understanding that the Trentino kitchen is an authentic Italian cuisine. To most folks when Trentino polenta sausage braised beef dinnerthinking of an Italian first course Bologna’s Tortellini in broth comes to mind or Naples pasta with tomato sauce, never a bread dumpling in broth or rolled in butter and topped with grated Grana Padana cheese. Would the stereotypes believe that pork chops with a blueberry sauce is Italian, of course not, but in Trentino, they love pork chops prepared their way, with a blueberry sauce or with apples. To the folks of Tentino, this is very very Italian.

Their main staple is polenta, with potatoes being a close second, particularly, gnocchi. They also crave many other fine dishes, particularly those of Austrian origin. Lumaca (snails), hearty soups (Zuppa di Orzo), stew beef, venison, etc.), polenta gnocchi, and their favorite dessert is Italian apple strudel or apple cake.

A Trentino dinner often begins with Canederli in broth, which are bread dumplings that evolved from ‘cucina povera’ (cuisine of the poor), and this dish pairs well with Maso Martis – Brut Rose Trento DOC. An entree may be beef stew, sausage and polenta (pictured above) a red wine such as Cantina Rotaliana-Telrodego Rotaliano DOC Clesurae 2009. Finish the meal with biscotti and a fabulous glass of Gaierhof – Moscato Gialo Trentino DOC.

Wow! What a way to dine.

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