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Vino Trntino 001Trentino (Trentino-Alto Adige) is the most northern region of Italy. The terrain is entirely mountainous with the pure air of the Dolomites and the high altitude vine growing being the distinguishing features of the wine production. This region is the most important wine producing mountain area in Italy and Europe. The Trentino region was once part of the Tyrol province and was a leading supplier of grapes to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The combination of the Italian and German borderland culture has led to high quality combinations including Chardonnay and Muller Thurgau.

Over 90% of the vine-covered surface are dedicated to producing DOC wines, one of the highest percentages in Italy. White grapes comprise 68% of production and red grapes 32%. Our friends at the Mackenzie agency invited Betty and me, to attend a Wine and Mountain Wine tasting event, last week, on the wines of Trentino, Italy. We met many of the wine producers from Trentino who operate family vineyards started by their grandfathers and fathers, who were still involved with the wine production. Many of the vintners are women carrying on the family tradition.

Trentodoc is one of the leading wine producers with its “Metodo Classico” sparkling wine of the mountains. I was gifted a bottle of Tridentum at a seminar and luncheon that I attended the day following the wine tasting. The wine was a white, brut, sparkling wine with not to many of the tiny bubbles. It was refreshing, delicious, and paired extremely well with a light antipasto. I consider myself very fortunate to have enjoyed this wine as 90% of the Trentodoc are for Italian markets and the remaining 10% to European and non-European countries. My folks and I would love to have Trentodoc made readily available in the Italian-American wine market.

Vino Trentino 002Some of the other wines we tasted were a 2009 Cantina Rotaliana-Teroldego Rotaliano DOC “Clesurae” that is full bodied, with a dark red color and a taste of black cherry. (Clesurae are the walls, enclosure, that protects a monastery, in this case it is the steep Dolomite Mountains that protect the vineyards.)   A 2009 Cesconi-Pletter Trentino DOC Logrein has high acidity with a strong spicy taste and a wind berry taste, it is considered a cousin to Syrah, and it ages excellently up to ten years.

A fantastic white wine we tasted was La-Vis-Maso Franch L’ Altro Manzoni IGT Vigneti delle Dolomiti. This is a 2012 organic wine, very aromatic, and consists of Pino Bianco and Riesling. We enjoyed a Brut Rose Trento DOC, 2009 Maso Martes made from 100% Pinot Nero; red grape wine whose skins are removed after about 12 hours to obtain the correct pink color and taste, and then aged 24 months in barrels. This is a refreshing, sparkling, pink dry organic wine with tiny effervescent bubbles. Basicly, I try to stay away from Pino Grigio, with one exception, Pinot Grigio from Trentino.

We have described the wines from a region of Italy that are not as popular, or as well known, as the wines of other regions. However, popularity and quality is an unequal equation. Therefore, do not sell the wines of Trentino short.

We have yet to pair the wines of Trentino with its food, which we shall do in our next blog. You know, what is Italian wine without Italian food.

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