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Risotto, Risotto

grilled salmon with parsley lemon risotto

I may be a “Polentino”, but growing up in a Northern Italian family I have also enjoyed risotto dishes for a lifetime. As a child I preferred the simple basic risotto. You can find the basic recipe on my website, Food Wine Italian as well as more elaborate risotto dishes.

My appreciation of risotto spiraled in my father’s Mid Town Manhattan restaurant, Camillo. One Saturday as I arrived at the restaurant, the incredible aromas of risotto with white truffles overcame me. The buzz among the staff was that the dish was first prepared for Italian actress, Silvana Mangano and her director husband Dino De Laurentiis, and other patrons ordered same risotto prepared for the director and his wife. It was a simple white Parmesan risotto topped with shaved white Piedmontese white truffles. Camillo Restaurant was a favorite of many acting greats of the era while they were in New York.

There are many wonderful varieties of risotto dishes. Some such as Risotto with Sausage and Lentils, Squab Risotto, Risotto with Duck are more suitable for fall and winter dining. At this time of year a simple Lobster Risotto is perfect. To fully incorporate the lobster flavor, cook the lobster tails four minutes in water that prepared with vegetables and herbs to make broth. Remove the lobster from the shell, and return the shells to the broth and continue to cook broth for 30 minutes. Strain mixture through a fine strainer or sieve into a clean pot. Keep the lobster broth warm over low heat. Follow a recipe for a basic risotto using the lobster broth, and when the risotto is cooked, carefully mix in the lobster meat.

Some nice spring risotto dishes are orange and carrot risotto and artichokes risotto, One of my mother’s favorite risotto’s was Brussels sprouts with walnuts. A favorite of mine is lemon risotto served with grilled fish, such as salmon paired with Vino Verdicchio. In addition to creating delicious risotto dishes you will be cleansing your body and building your immune system with these ingredients.

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