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Polenta, “Comfy” food, Not Just For The “Polentini”

Nonna's veal stew and polenta

Nonna’s Veal Stew and Polenta

Polenta is an ancient food “pulmentum” which fed the Roman Legions. For me it is a food staple that I grew up with. My heritage, roots, are in the Apennine Mountains of Parma, Italy and I often reminisce about my grandparents cooking and giving me the special Polenta spoon, allowing me to carefully stir the polenta. For me it was a special event made even more festive when Nona spread the Polenta onto a specially prepared board and covered it with cheese and her special tomato sauce. We all dug in.

As I got older I was nicknamed “Polentino” by my Southern Italian friends, some with whom I attended Culinary School. Polenta was a specialty dish in my father’s midtown restaurant, Camillo, long before it gained its current popularity. He served it many ways. One of his special dishes was Fagiano Maria Luisa con Polenta, Pheasant Maria Louisa with Polenta. I included this recipe as well as many other recipes using polenta in my award-winning book, The Cooking of Parma. The book is based on my inherited knowledge of the Parmesan cuisine. Some of these recipes can be found on my web site, Food Wine Italian/Polenta, some old timers insist on using a special Copper pot. Although we use mainly cornmeal in our recipes, people also make whole grain polenta, buckwheat polenta or as the Etruscans did in ancient times, multi-grain polenta.

Polenta is very versatile and can be substituted for bread, rice or potatoes. It can be combined with roasted meats, poultry, game, seafood, vegetables, and even eggs. Enjoy polenta fried, grilled, baked or sautéed. My favorite thing to do is to place leftover polenta spread out on a flat dish, cover and refrigerate. The next morning I cut it in squares, fry and enjoy with sausage and eggs. If you have never prepared polenta now is the time to do it, and pair it with a good red wine Barola, Valpolicella, Bardolino, Brunello your favorit. Try some of our mouth-watering recipes on Food Wine Italian.

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