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Val’ d’Aosta

Town in Val D’Aosta

The Valle d’Aosta is Italy’s smallest region with just one province, Aosta. It is also an atypical region of Italy with its varied culture. Although it is an Italian region, there are those folks who lean towards their German heritage, French heritage, Valdôtain heritage or Italian, and in their community and home they speak the language of preference.

Antipasto Val D’Aosta

The food culture of Vallée d’Aoste is humble, yet it incorporates all its ethnic groups, or variations of Val d’Outa food ancestry. Resulting in food that differs completely from the Italian dishes most folks expect to be Italian. Take Vallée d’Aoste’s bread, generally it is a rye bread, sometimes it is a rye and whole wheat bread. Their cheese is Fontina and it is in many of their dishes- Stuffed veal, larded into squab, mixed into polenta or risotto, baked with gnocchi. Desserts are uncomplicated, such as baked apples or pears drizzled with wild flower honey, or frangipani cake with Caffe Latte icing.

The wines of Aostatal were there before the Romans. During the Middle Ages Val d’Aoste wine established a widespread gratifying reputation. In that era the wine was often used in exorcism rituals. Today they pair well with a variety of foods, and the valley’s wines pair particularly well with the dishes of Val d’Osta.

Caffe Val D’Aosta

Now, what is the correct spelling of Italy’s most northwestern little region? This may not be an easy question. There are a variety of correct spellings. The Aosta Valley is English. The official spelling is Valle d’Aosta, however, Italians usually use Val d’Aosta, the official French version is Vale d’Aoste, but the French prefer Val d’Aoste, in the Arpitan language of the Alpine Mountains, it is spelled Val d’Outa, the Germans prefer Aostatal and the Piemontese will say Val d’Osta.

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Aosta Culture

The Aosta Valley holds its own culture with unique food, cheese, and wine. Located nestled between the borders of France and Switzerland, yet distinctly Italian.

Sci Cam in Valle d’Aosta – Pila sci / snowboard

Il “nostro” sportivo Favio Pagliarin questa volta riprende una sciata nello splendido contesto alpino della conca di Pila in Valle d’Aosta. Temperature rigide ma neve spettacolare !!!! Bellissime immagini in “live” durante la discesa. La alta qualità…

SP – Elaborazione del formaggio in Valle d’Aosta

Crepes alla Valdostana by Bravobob.wmv

Crepes con Prosciutto e Formaggio Fontina – Crepes With Ham and fontina Cheese